GULLS TAWN was a solo show at General Public Collective in Feb. 2016.

GULLS TAWN is an island

there aren’t any girls on the island

but there are women

a lot of women and they don’t always get along

but they try because they believe in GULLS TAWN

sometimes they reproduce but mostly they fuck

they make all decisions through logarithms 

they use surveillance just to know what each other thinks about

so they can bring it up at dinner 

there aren’t couples here because people don’t want it

it’s a technologically driven society

although some of us still grow vegetables

we make each other come constantly

using new and more intimate methods we forget bodies

exist to separate because we have forgotten where our bodies end 

and where the body of the other begins

we have become a fertile chorus 

sometimes we have periods but generally just once a year

the Blood Moon this Perfect society is not one of artists

but one of mothers who are constantly giving birth

to ourselves and each other 

we don’t believe in transmitting our beliefs to children

we know our society will end with us